oxyOXYGIZER – Oxygen + Water = LIFE

Pure mineral water from the Sextner dolomites roughly 150mg of oxygen, no carbonic acid, low sodium, and glass of bottle which no oxygen can escape. OXYGIZER improves the measurably performance during the period of high physical stress and the resulting regeneration process.

Why oxygen?

Did you know that…

  • In many large cities oxygen content in the air is being further reduced by smog and ozone levels?
  • More and more people are suffering from oxygen deficiency in open-plan offices?
  • During periods of physical stress the necessary oxygen in-take increases by as much as 100%?

Why water?

  • Water joins, dissolves, cools, transports, digests and invigorates.
  • Water is the means of transport for carrying all the important nutrients to our cells.
  • Water is the thermostat regulating our body temperature.


oxy2 OXYGIZER improves measurably performance during periods of high physical stress and the resulting regeneration phase. Univ. Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Marktl (Head of Science at the Institute of Medical Physiology at Vienna University) and his research team have completed their scientific ergometry tests. Using a randomised double-blind study, these tests have proven the effective infl uence and effect of OXYGIZER on the body’s performance capability.


Oxygizer is one of the ideal drinks for strengthening and refreshing both organism and body.

Oxygizer is the high quality water with the following contents: Sulphate, Calcium, Oxygen, Magnesium, Sodium, chloride, Nitrate, Potassium, Fluoride.

Oxygizer is the ideal drink for refreshing and strengthening both body and organism.so enjoy the bottle of the OXYGIZER- oxygen water regularly so that you never run out breath again.