Stefania d'Alessandro


Stefania d AlessandroHD or Hi Def Makeup, Professional Cosmetics, Fantasy Makeup, Airbrush Makeup, Halloween Makeup, Theatrical Makeup, Moulage Makeup and much more!

SD makeup has been operating for years in the image in all its aspects: photos, television, advertising, communications, theater, fashion, events, and film. Our services including make-up, hair, theatrical makeup and special effects, styling, costumes, fashion design department, with the artistic and organizational Stefania d’alessandro and through a group of qualified professionals. We also were offering counseling services creative, productive and organizational logistics for photo shoots, fashion shows, advertising campaigns, communication, and promotional events.

Our brand manufactures and distributes the eponymous cosmetic line of make-up, designed in every detail by stefania d’alessandro years of research and study, aimed at professionals in the make-up, yet ideal for everyday use. through our training facilities realize the aesthetic tool, special effects and theatrical make-up, hairstyle, body art.

Perfected in the creation of theatrical makeup, painting, body art and special effects makeup, refining techniques for the processing of latex prosthetic makeup.

strong supporter of the redevelopment of the category of the make-up artist, is opposed to the absolute improvisation in the field of make-up, saying very professional approach to his work and to his organization.

creator of “stefania d’alessandro make-up” shape and handles make-up artists and hairdressers in the various sectors of the show. numerous works signed by stefania d’alessandro and his group in seventeen years of activity: photo, television, advertising, communication, theater, fashion, cinema.

Designs, manufactures and flanked by highly professional photographers, poster images of their work which distinguish the great personality and uniqueness professional. these images, real “trademarks” are published on magazine covers and articles of the main Italian and foreign industry.

Collaborated writing for magazines and provides advice to various companies for the selection of cosmetic products.

specializes and deepens the field of post-production editing and photo collaborating in the development of advertising campaigns and catalogs.

Alongside the profession of make-up artist, and curator of special effettista image, the artistic management and coordination of the production design and production of costumes and sets for media events, film trailers, music videos, theater, photography.

Stefania is currently also involved in the creation of their own make-up line, some already commercially available, based on the production of extremely high quality professional, the result of years of study and experimentation.

With stefania d’alessandro born a new concept of make-up: the make-up is not an “artist” who more or less improvised intuitively apply cosmetics, but an operator aware and prepared, which addresses, in their training, studies of chemical cosmetic, anatomy and physiology of the skin, legislation, history of fashion and art, but also follows a well-defined methodology of implementation. and ‘the lack of a reference method, observed since the beginning working, which stimulates in Stefania D’Alessandro the need to search and thoroughness of a complex and, at the same time, extremely underestimated professionally.

Study, work and experience lead to the development of a personal methodology in carrying out the trick, unique and innovative, allowing a surprisingly rapid professional growth and distinctive stefania d’alessandro.