AGE – Al-Abdulla Group Enterprise – Trading / FMCG

Investing to create brands that Qatar can be proud of..

We franchise international brands and turn into local brands. A business enterprise that is committed towards excellence and long-term strategic development.

Our wide scope of activities involve from Branding, Franchising, Market Distribution Network and Trading.Having associated with Global brands from countries like USA, Italy, China, Malaysia and the rest of Asia we take pride in our affirmation that comes from our customers.

Fast Moving Commodity Goods

Trading divisions that imports International Brands, franchising and market distribution. We own exclusive distribution and marketing rights for following brands in Qatar.

Our Brands such as:

  • Oxygizer – Oxygen based mineral water from Italy. Read more
  • Sweet Leaf – Stevia based sugar substitute from USA. Read more
  • Wisdom of the Ancients – Stevia based Herbal Tea. Read more
  • Cocolino – Coconut based heathy Drink from Thailand. Read more


Because our Products are Premium, so are our clients and as a group we believe in delivering nothing but the Best. This is why our range of products are of highest known quality and endorsed by the Best in Business while our affirmation comes from our Customers.

We value high standards in maintaining Quality, Performance and Sustaining Growth. Our professional team of employees demonstrate integrity through honesty, civility, and fairness because we embrace the diversity of individuals, ideas, and expressions.

We foster personal growth within an environment in which every individual matters. Our commitment to Diversity in ideas, people, and access is paramount with contemporary, functional, and pleasing facilities.

Our Belief is that the company is only as good as the promise it keeps. So we only promise what we can deliver and always try to deliver more.

In the crowded marketplace of food and food-related products, where new brand of products entering daily, it is crucial to have a savvy, well-seasoned team strategizing, coordinating, and implementing your public relations efforts. All of our nationally recognized promotions and ideas are built on the same foundation: innovative campaign strategies; meticulous attention to client needs; and creative networking across the food, media and publishing industries.

Al Abdulla Group Enterprise strives: to create and implement innovative public relations campaigns for professionals including 5star hotels, Hypermalls, shopping complexes, sports clubs, exhibitions and much more..

Our commitment to the long-term development and strategic growth for the group as well as for our partners are evidence with the success of our Steady but Firm growth in the market of Qatar.